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How to choose the light module?sfp transceivers module company
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How to choose the light module?sfp transceivers module company

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At present, there are many types of light modules in the entire market. How do customers choose light modules of different speeds, different packages, and different functions according to their own needs?

First of all, we need to know that common packaging light modules include XFP, SFP, SFP+and QSFP.

The XFP optical module is a standardized packaging of a serial 10G optical transceiver module.

The SFP optical module is a mini Gbic light module, which has the same functions. The size of the SFP light module is much smaller than the GBIC optical module.

The SFP+optical module is the smallest and can best adapt to high -density port applications. It has now become a popular 10G light module in the market.

The QSFP optical module meets Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband and SONET/SDH standards, and uses four 4Gbit/s transmission channel transmission data.

So what do we need to consider when choosing the light module?

1. Transmission distance: The transmission distance supported by different light modules is different. Generally speaking, the transmission distance of the multi -mode light module is much shorter than the transmission distance of the single -mode light module and it is cheaper.

2. Transmission mode: There are three main data transmission methods: single, half -dual -worker and full -duplex. It is recommended to choose the light module that supports full dual -work transmission.

3. Transmission medium: Copper cables and optical cables are currently the two most widely used transmission media

4. heat resistance: The working environment temperature of the light module should not be too high. It is likely that the temperature that the light module can withstand is likely to occur. Therefore, the light -resistant light module should be selected.

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