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How to choose reliable light module manufacturers.bridge hgu onu manufacture
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How to choose reliable light module manufacturers.bridge hgu onu manufacture

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In recent years, due to the emergence of the light modules on the market, it is dazzling, so many people do not know how to find a suitable light module manufacturer when choosing a light module. In fact, choosing the right manufacturer can be more worry -free and more troubled in the later period. So how should we choose a reliable light module manufacturer?

1. See if there is a complete light module manufacturer's qualification

A light module manufacturer has a variety of quality system certification qualifications, such as CE, ROHS, FCC, etc., and obtained ISO9001: 2008 confirmed that these qualifications are the primary conditions to ensure product quality.

2. First of all, it depends on whether there is a high -quality production base

Of course, the light module manufacturer must have the conditions of the manufacturer. Large production bases, full sets of production facilities, and superior storage conditions. High -quality production bases are very important for product quality.

3. See if there is a comprehensive detection system

No matter how good the production conditions are, there will be hidden dangers of quality in production. It is necessary to have a comprehensive detection system to conduct in -depth testing of the products produced to further ensure the quality of the product.

4. See if you can return unconditional returns and exchanges

Generally, manufacturers will provide a 15 -day return to any unintentional damage, but some manufacturers can provide the product with a 60 -day refund service without any problems.

5. See if there is a longer warranty service

The service life of a light module is 5 years, and there will be no problems in the first year of use. In the second or third year, there will Year.

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