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How much do you know about fiber optic pigtails?
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How much do you know about fiber optic pigtails?

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12 to 48 cores closure fiber optic

Classification of tail fibers

Like fiber optic jumpers, pigtails are also divided into single mode pigtails and multimode pigtails. They have certain differences in color, wavelength, and transmission interval. Generally speaking, the multimode tail fiber is orange, with a working wavelength of 850nm and a transmission interval of about 500m; The color of the single mode tail fiber is yellow, with a working wavelength of 1310m or 1550m, and a long transmission interval of about 10-40km. In addition, according to the number of fiber cores, pigtails can be divided into single core pigtails, 4 core pigtails, 6 core pigtails, 8 core pigtails, 12 core pigtails, 24 core pigtails, etc., which can be selected according to different needs.

Application of tail fiber

The most important function of tail fibers is to connect. The connection between optical fiber and pigtail integrates the bare optical fiber and pigtail in the optical cable into a whole, while the pigtail has a separate fiber head, which connects the optical fiber and twisted pair to the information socket through the connection with the optical fiber transceiver. In the process of fiber optic welding, the following main components are usually used: fiber optic junction box, fiber optic transceiver, tail fiber, coupler, dedicated stripper, fiber optic cutting machine, etc. The commonly used pigtails in transmission systems include five interfaces: sc/pc, fc/pc, lc/pc, e2000/apc, st/pc, etc.

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