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Do you know why the original light module is so expensive?xpon olt wholesale
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Do you know why the original light module is so expensive?xpon olt wholesale

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With the continuous development of the optical fiber communication industry, the demand for optical modules has increased sharply. As we all know, the price of the original light module is very high, and many users can only be discouraged. Therefore, many third -party light modules appear in the market. Some third -party light modules are compatible with good compatibility, and their performance is almost the same as the original light module, and it is several times cheaper than the original light module in terms of price. This is why the third -party light module can be hot.

So the question is -why is the price of the original light module so much more expensive than a third party?

Taking Huawei as an example, the price of Huawei's original SFP-1.25G-LX 10 Gigabit light module is more than 1,000, and the price of the same model light module is only tens of yuan. The difference in the middle is so large. Why is the original light module price so awesome? Is such price disparity because they are so much different? In fact, this is not the case, there are about the following aspects.

1. Brand effect

Establishing a brand requires cost, but the influence brought by the brand is also obvious. Large equipment manufacturers such as Siko and Huawei, because they have their own unique brand advantages, they are well known to the majority of users, and the price is not difficult to imagine. Even if the product quality is very good, there is no brand effect, and the price is naturally not high.

2. Market monopoly

There are not too many well -known online equipment manufacturers, and there are only a few users' choices, so the competition is not too fierce, and the market is almost monopolized by them. There is no fierce competition that naturally leads to sky -high prices, and there are too many manufacturers of third -party light modules, so the price will be much cheaper.

3. Insuble to know enough about the product

The light module is considered to be industrial supplies with high technology content. It is basically not accessible in life. People who know the light module are not necessarily familiar with its structure and good or bad. Only specialized technicians will have a deeper understanding of the light module.

Because end users do not know enough about the light module, in their opinion, the quality of the light module is only reliable to the quality of the big brands such as Cisco, Huawei, and Hua. They can only bear silently.

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