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Do you know 10G BIDI SFP+single fiber bidirectional optical module
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Do you know 10G BIDI SFP+single fiber bidirectional optical module

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1.25G Multiple Mode

Do you know 10G BIDI SFP+single fiber bidirectional optical module

With the deployment of 5G network, there is an increasing demand for optical modules for long-distance transmission. In order to adapt to the market demand and constantly improve the product line, a full range of BiDi single fiber optical modules are available, mainly in the form of SFP/SFP+/XFP and QSFP+.

This article will introduce the 10G BIDI SFP+optical module according to the growing market demand.

10G BIDI SFP+optical module

The packaging form of 10G BIDI SFP+optical module is SFP+, the transmission rate is 10G, the LC simplex interface, and the transmission distance with single-mode optical fiber is up to 80km. BiDi refers to single fiber bidirectional. It uses WDM (i.e., wavelength division multiplexing) technology to transmit and receive different central wavelengths in both directions, so as to achieve bidirectional transmission of optical signals by one fiber.

Features and advantages of BIDI optical module:

1. Generally, the optical module has two ports: TX transmitting port and RX receiving port, while the BIDI optical module has only one port. The BIDI optical module can transmit and receive optical signals at the same time. Therefore, BIDI optical modules must be used in pairs.

2. The biggest advantage of the BIDI optical module is to save optical fiber resources, so that two transmission optical fibers can be combined into one. BiDi optical modules reduce the cost of fiber cabling infrastructure and the number of ports on the fiber patch panel, as well as the tray space dedicated to fiber management.

Conclusion: The use effect of BIDI single fiber optical module and double fiber optical module is the same. But BIDI optical module can not only save optical fiber resources, but also greatly reduce the layout cost in generic cabling.

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