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Digital signal transmission light module.olt gpon 8 ports
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Digital signal transmission light module.olt gpon 8 ports

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huawei compatible sfp module

Digital signal transmission light modules are like human nervous system, which controls the sending, transmission, and receiving of data.

For example, the image data collected by the spacecraft from the universe space, the call between the ground console and the spacecraft, and the sensing data when the meeting is overwhelmed by the digital signal transmission light module

In the future construction of space stations, due to the sharp increase in data throughput, the digital signal transmission optical module is not used, and the space station will be overwhelmed.

Compared with the traditional copper cable transmission system, the digital signal transmission module is reduced to one -tenth of the original, and the volume is reduced by one -fifth. Capability reaches high -track operation capabilities.

The application of this technology has successfully solved the small volume and small weight design needs of the space aircraft signal transmission equipment, improved the signal transmission rate, effectively improved the transmission performance of the space aircraft

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