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Development trend of Optical module
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Development trend of Optical module

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10G Multiple mode

Firstly, today's fiber optic transceiver products are not yet intelligent enough. For example, when the optical path of a fiber optic transceiver is disconnected, the electrical port on the other end of most products will still remain open, so upper level devices such as routers, switches, etc. will continue to send data to that electrical port, resulting in data unreachable. I hope that the majority of equipment providers can achieve automatic switching on fiber optic transceivers. When the optical path DOWN falls, the electrical port will automatically raise an alarm and prevent upper level devices from continuing to send data to the port. Redundant links will be enabled to ensure uninterrupted business.

Secondly, the fiber optic transceiver itself should be able to better adapt to the actual network environment. In practical engineering, fiber optic transceivers are mostly used in corridors or outdoors, and the power supply situation is very complex. Therefore, it is necessary for various manufacturers' equipment to support an ultra wide power supply voltage to adapt to unstable power supply conditions. At the same time, due to the occurrence of ultra-high and ultra-low temperature weather conditions in many regions of China, the impact of lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference is also practical. All of these have a significant impact on outdoor equipment such as transceivers. This requires equipment suppliers to carefully and strictly adopt key components, circuit layout and welding, and structural design.

In addition, in terms of network management control, most users hope that all network devices can be remotely managed through a unified network management platform, that is, the MIB library of fiber optic transceivers can be imported into the entire network management information database. Therefore, in product development, it is necessary to ensure the standardization and compatibility of network management information.

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