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Detailed introduction of the Magnostic Module.sfp fiber optic transceivers
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Detailed introduction of the Magnostic Module.sfp fiber optic transceivers

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The Magazine Module refers to the optical module with a transmission speed of 10Gbps. It is also called the 10G light module. There are two encapsulation of SFP+and XFP. The common packaging type is SFP+package. Similar to the Gigabit Light Module, its small size, low functional loss, and far from customers are loved by customers. It is one of the most applied light modules at this stage. Let ’s introduce the common 10D light module SFP+optical module. Essence

SFP optical module: It is a new generation of 10D light modules. The SFP light module is commonly used at the level of 10D Ethernet interface, SDH light transmission network, WDM wave division reuse project, single fiber dual engineering project, SFP+light The shape of the module has become less than 30%smaller than the initial XFP optical module. The same as the general SFP optical module, SFP+only preserves the basic optoelectronics and photoelectric conversion effects, reducing the server of the original XFP design scheme. CDR, EDC, MAC and other data signal manipulation functions, which simplifies the design scheme of the 10G light module, and the functional loss is also smaller. It has obvious advantages such as high density, low power consumption, and lower system software structural costs. SFP+shielding regulations are more stringent than SFP, and the regulations have a stronger shielding actual effect. The SFP+optical module contains DOM. This function can help network engineers monitor the data information of the optical module in real time. Network engineers can also ensure that the optical module is in normal operation based on the data information.

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