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Compatibility of 40GBase-LR4 optical modules
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Compatibility of 40GBase-LR4 optical modules

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8Port GPON OLT supported NMS/CLI/Web

The 40G QSFP+LR4 optical module provided by the communication can be widely compatible with switches of Huawei, Ruijie, H3C, Cisco, Juniper, ZTE and other brands. The optical module provided by the communication has undergone strict quality control and compatibility test before leaving the factory to ensure that users receive the optical module with high performance price ratio.

Application of 40GBase-LR4 optical module

40GBase-LR4 optical module is widely used in 40G data center and metro optical transmission network.

The 40GBase-LR4 optical module can simplify the network architecture and reduce the number of accessories, so as to save the area of the computer room, reduce equipment stacking, and improve the bandwidth management and scheduling capabilities of single node equipment. 40G optical module promotes the development of high-density and high-speed signal transmission, which makes optical communication enter a new era.

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