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Can switches of different brands be interconnected?
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Can switches of different brands be interconnected?

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10G Multiple mode

Usually there are thousands of switches in a large data center. When the switches are interconnected, sometimes there are no switches of the same brand connected. So, can switches and optical modules of different brands be interconnected? The answer is yes, but the interconnection can only be carried out if the following conditions are met at the same time.

1. The specifications and parameters of the optical modules of the switches on both sides must be consistent. For example, the speed, wavelength, transmission distance and single fiber/double fiber should be consistent;

2. Different brands of switches need to insert the same compatible optical module to achieve interconnection. For example, if Cisco switches and Huawei switches are interconnected, Huawei switches need to be inserted with Huawei compatible optical modules, and Cisco switches need to be inserted with Cisco compatible optical modules. (Optical modules can be widely compatible with switch equipment of various brands)

3. Both ends of the link need to use optical modules with the same Ethernet protocol, and the optical fiber types used must be consistent.

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