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CWDM SFP+optical module
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CWDM SFP+optical module

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This kind of optical module adopts rough wavelength division multiplexing technology and is often used with single-mode fiber, which can save fiber resources, make it more flexible, reliable and low power consumption in networking. LC duplex optical interface is adopted, and the longest distance can reach 80KM.

The solution for using SFP+optical modules with switches:

Different types of optical modules can be connected to switches and used in different networking schemes. The following is a demonstration of the actual matching application scheme of SFP+optical modules and switches.

1. Connection scheme between 10G SFP+optical module and 40G switch:

Insert four 10G SFP+optical modules into the 10 Gbps SFP+port of one switch in turn, and then insert a 40G QSFP+optical module into the 40 Gbps QSFP+port of another switch, and finally connect it with a branch fiber jumper in the middle.

This connection mode mainly realizes the expansion of the network from 10G to 40G, which can quickly and easily meet the network upgrade requirements of the data center.

2. Connection scheme between 10G BIDI SFP+single fiber optical module and 10 Gigabit switch:

Insert the optical modules into the SFP+ports of the two switches respectively, and then connect the optical modules on the two switches with LC optical fiber jumpers corresponding to the optical module connection ports.

This connection mode effectively realizes the simplest and economical data connection, and can be applied to the Ethernet connection of data center, enterprise cabling and telecom operation transmission.

3. Connection scheme between CWDM SFP+optical module and 10 Gigabit switch:

The CWDM coarse wavelength division multiplexer is used to connect the CWDM optical module with the switch, which is usually used with single-mode optical fiber to reduce the cost of optical fiber, low power consumption and other advantages.

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