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Application of light modules on Huawei switch.ONU Modem manufacturer
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Application of light modules on Huawei switch.ONU Modem manufacturer

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155M Single Mode

The CE8860 switch provides high -density 100GE/40GE/25GE/10GE ports, supports rich data center characteristics and high -performance stacks, and helps enterprises and operators build data center network platforms for cloud computing era. The CE8860 switch is positioned at the core or convergence of the data center, and it can also be used for the core or convergence of the park network.

CE8860 can cooperate with Huawei ClouDengine series data center switch CE12800/CE7800/CE6800/CE5800 to build elastic, virtual and high -quality data center networks to meet the needs of the network data center data center.

Product Features:

※ The industry's first 25GE access switch

※ High -density 100Ge/40G convergence, the capacity is superb

※ High reliable and long -distance stack, excellent performance

※ Large -scale routing bridge, expanded with demand

※ Intersection enhancement of Ether, unified carrier

※ Quick migration of virtual machines, strategy accompanying

※ Programmable network equipment, flexible customization

※ Virtual hardware gateway, quickly deploy

※ The equipment zero configuration deployment, automatic operation and maintenance

※ Strict front and rear air ducts, efficient energy saving

※ The indicator light is perfectly presented, simple operation and maintenance

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