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Application of SFP Optical Module
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Application of SFP Optical Module

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1.25G Single Mode

SFP optical modules are expected to operate at data transfer rates of 5 gigabits per second (5Gbps) or higher. SFP optical modules can be easily interchanged. Therefore, compared to traditional welded modules, SFP optical modules can make the upgrade and maintenance of optoelectronic or fiber optic networks more convenient. Due to its low cost, small size, and ability to connect to different fiber types, SFP optical modules can provide significant cost savings, both in maintenance and upgrades. There are multi-mode fiber SFP optical modules and single-mode fiber SFP optical modules on the market, allowing users to select the appropriate optical module for each link to achieve optical transmission on the available fiber types. In addition, there are electrical SFP optical modules, which allow host devices designed for optical fiber communications to communicate over unshielded twisted-pair network cables. The new SFP optical modules support the DDM (Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) function, also known as DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring). This feature enables users to monitor real-time parameters of SFP optical modules such as: optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and optical module supply voltage.

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