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Application of 8G SFP+FC Optical Module in SAN Storage Network
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Application of 8G SFP+FC Optical Module in SAN Storage Network

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1.25G Multiple Mode

SAN refers to the regional storage network, which needs to be connected through optical fiber, and the SAN operation mode mainly depends on hardware. The SAN structure allows any server to connect to any storage array, so that no matter where the data is placed, the server can directly access the required data. SAN also has higher bandwidth due to optical interfaces.

The SAN solution is to split the storage functions from the basic functions, so it is unnecessary to consider their impact on the overall network performance when running backup operations. The SAN solution also simplifies management and centralized control, especially when all storage devices are clustered together. Now we will introduce how to use 8G SFP+FC optical modules to build a SAN storage network.

SAN network is mainly composed of servers, Fibre Channel switches, storage devices, and transmission carriers. SAN network adopts Fibre Channel technology, connects to storage array and server host through fiber switch, and establishes a dedicated data storage area network. If multiple servers and storage arrays are not involved, the server can be directly connected to the storage device.

The server will have an extended PCI-E bus interface. We need to insert an 8G HBA optical network card into the PCI-E slot, then insert an 8G FC SFP+optical module into the HBA optical network card and the Fibre Channel switch, and then use a duplex LC optical jumper to connect the devices at both ends.

Because SAN network adopts optical fiber transmission, it can realize long-distance equipment interconnection. At this time, we can select the corresponding optical module according to the approximate transmission distance of the device. The 8G FC SFP+optical module can support 300m, 2km, 10km, 40km and 80km. The 8G optical module with a transmission distance of 300m needs to be used with OM3 multimode fiber jumper, while the 8G optical module with a transmission distance of 2km-80km needs to be used with OS2 single-mode fiber jumper.

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