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Analysis of 100G optical module market trends and business opportunities
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Analysis of 100G optical module market trends and business opportunities

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Now, with the growing popularity of mobile Internet access, cloud storage and other services, global data traffic is rapidly increasing, driving telecommunications and network service providers in the United States, Japan, Chinese Mainland and other places to actively invest in the construction of 100G optical fiber backbone, bringing new development opportunities for related equipment and chip manufacturers.

With the rapid growth of the global mobile broadband and cloud computing market, the demand for data transmission volume has greatly increased, driving the development of optical transmission networks from 1Gbit/s to 10G, 40G and 100G, and the corresponding generation of related equipment and components, attracting many existing manufacturers and new entrepreneurs to invest, taking the new generation of 100G optical modules as the focus of development in the next few years, and seizing market opportunities.

At present, the global network communication industry is developed, cloud computing technology is becoming more mature, and data transmission volume is rapidly increasing. Therefore, telecom companies have actively introduced 10G/40G optical wavelength division multi task network. In order to meet future needs, the scale of 100G optical fiber market is gradually expanding. It is expected that the scale of 100G wavelength division machine (WDM) LineCard in the world will grow rapidly in the next few years, surpassing the existing 10G and 40G market scale. On the other hand, leading telecom operators to actively test 100G networks, relevant equipment manufacturers, optical fiber chips and the entire industrial chain also began to move towards the layout of products above 100G.

Just because of the development potential of 100G optical fiber, many local telecom operators in the United States, Japan, China and other countries have begun to implement development plans in the field of 100G optical fiber. Among the top 20 operators in the world, most of them will invest in 40G/100GWDM network upgrading plans. Among them, operators in North America and East Asia are more active in national policies and next generation service layout, and have successively invested in 40G/100G related technologies The evaluation and import of products or modules also drive the system end users to speed up the layout.

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