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Advantages of Optical module optical transceiver.onu epon gpon modem
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Advantages of Optical module optical transceiver.onu epon gpon modem

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1.25G Multiple Mode

When it comes to fiber optic transceivers, people often compare them with switches with optical ports. Below, we will mainly discuss the advantages of fiber optic transceivers compared to optical port switches.

First of all, the price of optical transceiver plus ordinary switch is far cheaper than that of optical switch, especially some optical switch will lose one or even several electrical ports after adding Optical module, which can greatly reduce the initial investment of operators.

Secondly, because most of the Optical module of the switch have no unified standard, once the Optical module is damaged, it needs to be replaced with the same module from the original factory, which brings great trouble to the later maintenance. However, there is no problem with interconnectivity between devices from different manufacturers of fiber optic transceivers, so once damaged, they can be replaced with products from other manufacturers, making maintenance very easy.

Moreover, fiber optic transceivers have more complete products in terms of transmission distance than optical port switches. Of course, optical switches also have advantages in many aspects, such as unified management and power supply, which will not be discussed here.

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