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5G forward transmission - 25G DWDM SFP28 optical module
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5G forward transmission - 25G DWDM SFP28 optical module

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The 25G DWDM SFP28 optical module is mainly used to meet the requirements of 5G forward transmission services. Its components adopt the EML+APD scheme, with a maximum speed of 25.78125Gbps and a maximum transmission distance of 10km through single mode optical fiber. The 25G DWDM SFP28 series optical modules of Yitian Optical Communication support C-band full wavelength (0.8nm interval, i.e. 100GHz), and are widely used in 25G Ethernet and CPRI/ECPRI.

Product features:

◆ Hot pluggable SFP28 package

◆ Full duplex transceiver module

◆ Built in CDR circuit in receiving and transmitting channels

◆ Comply with SFP28 MSA, 25G Ethernet and CPRI/ECPRI standards

◆ The maximum power consumption is less than 2W

◆ Duplex LC optical port

◆ Operating temperature range from 0 to 70 ° C or - 40 to+85 ° C

◆ Comply with RoHS environmental protection standards

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