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40G QSFP+ SR4 and 100G QSFP28 SR4 parallel optical modules
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40G QSFP+ SR4 and 100G QSFP28 SR4 parallel optical modules

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

In the process of digitalization, data processing, storage and transmission have been developed rapidly. The rapid growth of numerous data search services and video services has led to the development of data centers based on supercomputers and storage. As the main product of short distance data center interconnection, high speed parallel transmission optical module has a broad market application prospect. This article introduces 40G QSFP+ and 100G QSFP28 parallel optical modules applied in data centers.

Parallel optical module arrangement drive array, laser, detector, MCU chip, signal sending and receiving can be accomplished through multiple channels, which makes parallel optical communication can support higher rate. Because of this, parallel optical communication needs to use multiple optical fibers to support higher transmission rates, so multi-core connector MPO is needed to support higher data transmission rates.

The parallel optical module uses VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) as the light source. Compared with edge emitting semiconductor laser, VCSEL can output light in a centralized way and efficiently couple energy into the fiber. Moreover, VCSEL can be mass-produced and cut into separate devices after testing, thus reducing the cost of the laser.

1, 40G QSFP+ SR4

The 40G SR4 optical module adopts a 4-channel 850nm VCSEL array and PIN photodetector array. Eight optical fibers are made into four duplex channels, and each channel supports 10G Ethernet transmission, making the transmission rate up to 40Gbps.

The 40G QSFP+ SR4 optical module complies with QSFP+ MSA and IEEE 802.3ba 40GBASE-SR4 Ethernet standards, and can transmit up to 100m or 150m through OM3/OM4 multi-mode optical fibers.

2, 100G QSFP28 SR4

100G SR4 optical module with CDR, 4-channel 850nm VCSEL laser array and PIN photodetector array, in compliance with QSFP28 MSA and IEEE 802.3bm 100GBASE-SR4 Ethernet standards, It is compatible with IEEE 802.3ba 40GBASE-SR4 Ethernet and InfiniBand FDR/EDR standards, and can transmit up to 70m/100m over OM3/OM4 multi-mode fibers.

Parallel optical modules need to be used together with MPO fiber adapters. 40G/100G SR4 is usually used together with 12-core multi-mode MPO fiber jumpers. The application of parallel optical modules and MPO technology continues to develop, which can support higher optical transmission rates. At present, parallel optical module and MPO technology can be well applied in 40/100G Ethernet transmission, which provides a good transmission environment for 40/100G Ethernet transmission.

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