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40G QSFP+ PSM4 Optical module
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40G QSFP+ PSM4 Optical module

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New design XPON ONU

We all know that the multi-mode 40G SR4 optical module adopts 4-channel 10G parallel technology and MPO interface, and can use MPO-LC multi-mode OM3 fiber jumper and 10G SR for the channel. Is there a 40G optical module that can connect to the single-mode 10G LR optical module? This article introduces the next 40G optical module, 40G QSFP+ PSM4, which can connect to 10G LR optical modules.

Many friends may have questions about whether 40G LR4 and 10G LR with the same transmission distance of 10KM can be interconnected. The answer is no, because 40G LR4 uses CWDM coarse wave division technology and operates at 1270, 1290, 1310, and 1330nm, while 10G LR operates at 1310nm. In addition, different transmission rates and interface types prevent them from interconnecting.

The 40G QSFP+ PSM4 optical module can be connected to the 10G LR optical module. It adopts the four-channel 10G parallel technology, the interface type is MTP/MPO, and meets the 10G BASE-LR standard. It can be divided into four 10G links using MPO-LC single-mode OS2 fiber jumper for transmission. It can connect to four 10 Gbit/s LR optical modules.

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