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32G SFP28 FC optical module, reading this is enough!
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32G SFP28 FC optical module, reading this is enough!

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4Port EPON OLT with reset botton

With the continuous expansion of the transmission capacity of the communication system and the continuous improvement of the speed, optical fiber communication has now become the main transmission means of modern information networks. As one of the core optoelectronic devices, the optical transceiver module is also continuously optimized and developed in the direction of low cost, low power consumption, high speed and long distance. This article, ETU-LINK, will introduce you to 32G SFP28 FC optical modules.

When it comes to FC technology, we have to say SAN (Storage Area Network) technology, that is, storage area network. of high-speed private subnets to meet the growing demands of enterprises for storage space. FC technology, the full name of Fibre Channel technology, is a very stable and mature second-layer switching SAN technology. The usual operating rates are 2Gbps, 4Gbps, 8Gbps, 16Gbps, 32Gbps, 64Gbps and 128Gbps, mainly used for connection. computer storage device.

There are two transmission modes in Fibre Channel: Single Mode and Multimode. Single-mode links are mainly used for long-distance transmission. Compared with single-mode links, multi-mode links have lower costs and are mainly used in scenarios where long-distance transmission is not required. When building a 32G SAN storage network, in addition to Fibre Channel switches, HBA fiber optic network cards and other equipment, 32G SFP28 FC modules and fiber jumpers are also required as transmission carriers.

32G SFP28 FC optical module is compatible with 8G/16G Fibre Channel, adopts hot-pluggable SFP28 package, dual-fiber LC interface, complies with SFP28 MSA and 32G Fibre Channel standards, and is backward compatible with 8G/16G Fibre Channel standards, with a maximum rate of up to 28.05 Gbps. It is mainly used in Fibre Channel switches and HAB optical network cards in 32G SAN storage networks to realize interconnection between 32G storage network devices and build SAN networks. Commonly used are 32G SFP28 SR FC optical module, 32G SFP28 LR FC optical module and 32G SFP28 DWDM FC optical module. The 32G optical module ETU-LINK mentioned above can be provided.

With the impact of the global new crown epidemic, the importance of informatization construction has become increasingly prominent. Recently, at the Fifth Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress of my country, on the hot issue of accelerating the development of 5G, it was proposed to plan ahead and make arrangements for the development of the next-generation communication technology 6G. In this article, ETU-LINK will take a look at the newly launched optical module products in the market.

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