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10G light module knowledge question and answer
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10G light module knowledge question and answer

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1. What is the difference between the SFP+light module and the SFP light module?

The volume of SFP and SFP+optical modules is basically the same. The main difference is the transmission rate. The maximum transmission rate of the SFP light module is 2.5GB/s, while the SFP+light module is 10GB/s. Due to the different transmission rates, their application and transmission distance will be different.

SFP+Light Module SFP Light Module

2. Can I use the SFP+light module on the SFP port?

The answer is okay. The 10G SFP+optical module can work in the SFP port, but the transmission rate is only 1Gbps; however, the SFP light module cannot be used in the SFP+port.

3. What is the longest transmission distance supported by our SFP+light module?

According to the different types of fiber used, the transmission distance is also different. The transmission distance is 300 meters when the OM1 multi -mode optical fiber is used. The longest distance between the OS2 single -mode fiber is currently 100 kilometers.

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