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100g QSFP28 Optical module.sfp module 20g Manufacturing
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100g QSFP28 Optical module.sfp module 20g Manufacturing

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We know that the 100g QSFP28 Optical module is used in the data center, but a single 100g QSFP28 Optical module cannot achieve data transmission. In this case, 100g QSFP28 Optical module must be combined with jumper to form 100g QSFP28 AOC or 100g QSFP28 DAC for data transmission. So, in the data connection scheme, how to select the 100g QSFP28 AOC/DAC composed of 100g QSFP28 Optical module and jumper? How do we choose a cost-effective connection solution? You can see the following points:

1. Long distance single mode optical fiber: ≤ 10 kilometers

For ultra long 100GbE networks, such as connections between two buildings, the distance can reach 10km. QSFP28-100g-lr4 Optical module with LC interface is the best choice defined by IEEE. It is typically used in conjunction with single-mode optical fibers. But now, the price of QSFP28 lr4 Optical module is still very high.

2. Single mode fiber optic cabling between switches: 2km>distance>100m

A distance exceeding 100 meters but less than 2 kilometers is usually referred to as a moderate distance. For most large data center operators, a 100gbe solution that can meet medium to long distance requirements at low cost is their best choice. PSM4 QSFP28 and CWDM4/CLR4 QSFP28 Optical module are suitable for medium and long distance 100g applications.

3. Multimode fiber optic cabling between switches: 5-100m

There are two options for 100GbE cabling using multimode fiber between switches. One is to use the most suitable 3-20m

QSFP28aoc active optical cable. Another option is to use QSFP28sr4 Optical module and 12 core mtpom3/OM4 fiber jumper.

4. Wiring inside the rack: 1-5m

QSFP28 passive DAC high-speed cables include QSFP28 to QSFP28 DACs and QSFP28 to 4xSFP28 DACs, with an ideal range of use within 5m. QSFP28 DAC is the ideal solution for 100g short distance connection rather than 100g Optical module. If your 100gbe network is deployed in a 5m rack, the QSFP28 DAC passive high-speed cable is perfect for you.

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