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10 Gigabit NAS storage network construction scheme
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10 Gigabit NAS storage network construction scheme

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NAS storage network is a solution to meet the low cost storage needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Among them, NAS refers to network attached storage, which is a device for storing data. It is called network storage. It takes data as the center, completely separates storage devices from servers, and centralizes data management, thereby releasing bandwidth, improving performance, reducing total cost of ownership, and protecting investment. Now, let's introduce the construction scheme of 10 Gigabit NAS storage network.

First of all, we need to know which devices are needed to build a 10 Gigabit NAS storage network. In order to make the NAS storage network available for end users to store and read data, we need to network the storage devices. Therefore, we need to prepare NAS storage, 10 gigabit optical network card, transmission carrier (copper cable/optical cable/optical module/optical jumper), switch and router.

Among them, routers are mainly used to connect external networks, switches are intermediate devices to help NAS storage and terminal devices (such as computers) realize data transmission, and 10 Gigabit optical network cards are used to help NAS storage realize networking, and authorized end users are allowed to store and read data in NAS through network cards. The transmission carrier is mainly used to realize data transmission. 10G optical communication products mainly include 10G high-speed copper cable (applicable to link length less than 15m), 10G active optical cable (applicable to link length less than 300m), 10G optical module (applicable to link length between 300m and 160km) with single/multi-mode optical fiber jumper.

First, we can use Cat6 network cable to connect the LAN port of the router with the network port of the NAS storage, and set up a dynamic IP network.

Then, insert the SFP optical port of the switch into the 10 gigabit SFP+multi-mode optical module, insert the 10 gigabit optical network card into the bus CPIE interface of the server, and then insert the optical module, and then use the duplex LC multi-mode OM3 optical jumper to connect the optical modules at both ends.

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