Focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and service of
optical fiber communication equipment as a whole.

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    Video Guide

    Various Activities

    Live Streaming

    Annual Meeting - Dance

    Annual Party - Dance II

    Live Streaming For March Expo

    Discount Coupon

    Company Introduction

    HSGQ-E04L Wireless Lan

    HSGQ-E04M Wireless Lan

    HSGQ 8port GPON OLT

    How HSGQ Offer You a Full Solution for FFTH Equipment

    Climb Tanglang Mountain

    Introduce Billing System, Authenticate, PPPoE Server

    How to Create an Account for Your Users

    HSGQ G008 Optical Line Terminal

    How OEM Works for Our Customers

    HSGQ ODI Module Fit to ZTE OLT

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