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      1. High cost performance

      Under normal circumstances, the cost of the optical module of the original brand is higher than the third-party cost, so the price of the original light module is relatively high. Taking the CISCO 1000Base-SX SFP (GLC-SX-MM) light module as an example, you can be in the market in the market. Easily find a third -party optical module. The cost of the 80 % SFP optical module of this module has continued to increase over time. Many laboratories and companies are seeking alternatives to SFP original light modules.

      2. Strong reliability

      In addition, third -party SFP can be as reliable as official OEM products. If you purchase Cisco's compatible SFP light modules from the reputable supplier, and the supplier provides after -sales warranty services, then you don't need to worry, because the light module you receive will be as easy to use as the official version of the light module, and What a great reduction of cost.

      3. There are more options

      Due to the compatibility of third parties and light -capacity modules, it can be compatible with the mainstream brands in the current market, so it has richer types and choose more. Whether you build or upgrade the network, the optical module of Geling Fiber must have one for you!

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