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Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment CO., LTD
Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment CO., LTD
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      4Port Mini L2 EPON OLT

      Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Network, gigabit passive optical network, completed the standardization of G.984.3 in 2004. Thus, the standard family of GPON is finally formed.

      GPON Features:

      Unprecedented high bandwidth. Rates up to 2.5 Gbps.

      Full service access guaranteed by QoS.

      Well supported TDM business.

      Simple and efficient adaptation package.

      Powerful OAM capability.

      The technology is relatively complex and the equipment cost is high.

      Three advantages of GPON:

      The transmission distance is longer. Using optical fiber transmission, the coverage radius of the access layer can reach 20 kilometers.

      able to provide higher bandwidth. Downlink 2.5G for each user, uplink 1.25G (physical layer)

      Strong spectroscopic properties. Multi-channel-to-home fibers can be drawn from the central office but the root fiber is split, saving fiber resources.

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