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Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment CO., LTD
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CPSE-the 18th China Public Security Expo was successfully concluded

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CPSE 2021-The 18th China Public Security Exhibition

On December 26, 2021, HSGQ Company actively participated in the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. This winter is a bit cold, but our enthusiasm and spirit are the best to face our customers.


Every time HSGQ participates in the exhibition, we have made sufficient preparations, so this time we have launched products with good market demand. OLT E04M and E04I, and ONU with 86 panels. And our most important launch is the HSGQ Cloud Management. We do absorb the crowds to join us because HSGQ plays a very important role in the security field.


During the exhibition, HSGQ has been recognized by many people in the industry, so we receive thousands of exhibitors every day. During the period, our professional performance attracted China's CCTV and specially invited us HSGQ as VIP guests to share with you the development direction of the security field and what contribution HSGQ will make to lead this industry.


HSGQ has been determined to be a supplier of all-optical network links. We continue to innovate, continuously research core technologies, insist on operating our own brand, and establish a brand image. Firm the belief of becoming a benchmark enterprise in the industry. Let us join hands with HSGQ to make progress together and create a better optical network world.


Beyond the fiber, beyond the world-HSGQ

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