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8 Port EPON OLT Customized for Wifi ONU
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8 Port EPON OLT Customized for Wifi ONU

HSGQ-E08R: 1U 19 inch; 1+1 power redundancy; 8* fixed EPON port; 4* GE RJ45, 4*GE SFP port; 1* console port,1*NMS port; Dual Power for options: AC+DC

Reliability: Using advanced technology and reliable construction, it has been rigorously tested and verified to maintain excellent performance under long-term use and high load conditions.
Scalability: Supports multiple product ONU connections, allowing you to easily expand your network and meet growing user needs.
Flexibility: With flexible configuration options, you can choose the appropriate configuration according to the network scale and application scenarios to achieve the best performance and effects.
Adaptability: It is waterproof, shockproof and high temperature resistant, and is suitable for various harsh environments and application scenarios.
Simplified Management: Equipped with advanced management functions, network management becomes simpler and more efficient.

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